Marketing that works for Accountants

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August has been a busy month so far with September already set to be busier. Accountants we have spoken to are proactively seeking to build their client base and open to all suggestions on how this can be achieved. So we thought this week we would just take a moment to review some of the things we have been discussing … Read More

Quotationing Made Easy

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It is fair to say that, unless you get your pricing right, no amount of good marketing will lead to effective business growth. The correct pricing strategy is absolutely crucial to business growth, but not always easy to achieve. But unless you prepare and send a well prepared quotation, then no amount of effort will win an order. Here are … Read More

Product Launch

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So why build another quotation building software application? For years we have specialized in providing e-commerce sales and marketing solutions. Within this niche of sales, marketing and business development, we had developed and expertise in building pricing strategy and solutions that work. An art that sits somewhere between sales and marketing. So when two accountancy customers approached us and asked us to … Read More

Part 1 – Discount Codes

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In this, the first of a series of articles on the science of pricing, we are considering Discount Codes and how they can be used effectively to increase sales. Discount codes are known by many different names – sales codes, discount vouchers, reseller reference and more. Whatever you choose to call them, they are simply a way to apply a fixed … Read More

Disruptive Pricing Strategies


There are so few opportunities these days to introduce something better or new. It seems, just about every idea, feature and design has been tried somewhere. Pricing wizards are not new, but because they are costly to develop, they are rarely seen on anything other than high value products and services. Now Wizard Pricing can provide everyone with a disruptive … Read More